Just Blog Already!

I’ve been really slow at posting new things on the blog because I was not sure of what I should make of it.
The idea of the blog came about three semesters ago in my composition class. I thought it would (and actually still is) a way to improve my writing, and also help me make sense of all the information that I accumulate. However when it came to writing posts, I got stuck. I was afraid that it would be too broad, or too self-centered and that my post would not provide value to people other than me. While these beliefs may be true, I’ve come to accept that there is nothing wrong with each one of them.
Part of a scholar’s journey is to explore his broad interests. There are a multitude of topics to learn and you can only gage your interest by actively interacting with the material. If that means blogging about the state of the US workplace or some business concept that I’ll never step in the classroom for, then be it.
Another part of a scholar’s journey is self discovery. While topic exploration is part of it, introspection is an even bigger part. Introspection by nature is very selfish. In all my processes of introspection, I’ve actively made sure to make it only about me and how everything around me fit in the fabric that is my life. If that means I must reduce the focus that I pay to others, then be it. Another’s person introspection is not a bad thing to explore. There is value in knowing how others have dealt with particular situations. If such weren’t the case, autobiographies would be partially worthless.
Adding value is also a critical component of a scholar’s journey. Adding value is a way to achieve self-actualization. By adding knowledge to the world or giving an opinion that inspires or a perspective that changes people’s mind, you are doing something for more than yourself. However, I realized that this is not guaranteed for each blog post. It is not assured that you’ll change the point of view of every reader or that sharing your perspective will give them an aha moment. It will be hit and miss for each post written.
So given that a scholar’s journey is one of exploration, self discovery and that adding value is a hit or miss, why should I worry about making this blog as focused as I can when I am not sure of what I should focus on? There are many answers to this question but none that should stop me from writing about topics that I care about. I will let this blog grow naturally into what it should become: a companion to my messy search for knowledge that I find useful, a place to explore topics that interest me, and a place for you to see whatever comes from my CPU to your screen.


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